Our session on 17th October was based on Psalm 139 showing how God knows us and loves us each individually.

The session began with the children privately writing down their favourite colour, food and animal and then they each decorated a gingerbread person with each one being as individual as we are. This was probably the most enjoyed part of the session (apart from when they ate their decorated figures later)

We then used the information that the children had written down about themselves and asked them to guess who we were talking about by saying this person likes Green, Fish Fingers and Dogs? It was fun to identify other members of JAM by their likes!

We did some activities to reinforce the fact that each of us is known and seen by God, even with 7 billion people on the planet.  We looked at some of the amazing ways that animals recognise their young and also spent time examining and getting to know a stone, so that they could re-find it when mixed up with other stones again. Some became attached to their stone and took them home with them.  

We looked more closely at Psalm 139 through animations and song, praying to help children understand that God knows them and loves them and cares about their situation.

Every Step
Scripture Lullabies – Wonderfully Made

The children then ate their gingerbread person and prepared a personal prayer book.

Ian (our minister) then arrived, together with some of the parents, as it was time for the children to be presented with their books to mark the 51st Anniversary of our church.