Reversed ambition

Loving God,
we are rather in the habit
of drawing up hopoes and plans and strategies,
and then asking you to bless
the decisions we have already made.

But maybe, that is not how you would have us be?
Perhaps you know,
as we, too, in our better moments realise,
that hopes can be unrealistic and easily dashed,
strategies might merely try to replicate past glories,
and even well laid plans more readily go awry,than not.

Maybe you’d prefer us to simply offer you some space
in diary, heart and mind?
Maybe it’s through listening more than speaking
we can discern your will?

Maybe, the business of tomorrow
should not pre-occupy our thoughts,
for instead, your greater call is for us to live,
fully, graciously and well, today?

  Ian Fosten

 Source: Prayer for the day – Sunday 18.7.21 found in URC 2021 Prayer Handbook