JAM Session 5th December

We started our session by making sheep cup cakes with mini marshmallows, linking food to the nativity story – the shepherds were looking after their sheep We continued with the Christmas story and lighting the advent candles, even though we were rather early with these. We pulled Christmas crackers that contained story lines so that […]

June – Minister’s Letter

June – Minister’s Letter Darwen is a Lancashire mill town, nestled in a narrow valley just south of Blackburn.  The Tower (with spiral steps leading up to an observation platform) was opened in 1898, primarily commemorating Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee, but also a victory for the local people over a landowner, re-establishing their right to […]

Creation – it is GOOD

A prayer by Christian Aid’s Global Theology Advisor, Bob Kikuyu Great God, Who makes the sun to rise, and opens the heavens Hear the cry of the people Who sow in hope for rain, but reap only despair Hear the cry of the people Seeking shelter from the storm, their hopes and homes submerged Hear […]

Mr & Mrs Cleopas

Mr and Mrs. Cleopas Musing on the story of Mr. and Mrs. Cleopas encountering the risen Jesus as they travelled the dusty road from Jerusalem to Emmaus, I came across this advice from an unexpected source. Charlie Chaplin lived for 88 years and left us the following statement: Nothing is for ever in this world, […]

May – Minister’s letter

May – Minister’s Letter​ This is a busy time of year for major festivals in the church, isn’t it? There is quite a lot to reflect on in the space of a couple of months, from life to death to resurrection to ascension. It must have been quite a roller-coaster of emotional energy for the […]

April – Minister’s letter

  Dear friendsAn “inherited” saintpaulia (African Violet) had an old, thick stem sticking out of the pot, which had stopped flowering, and the leaves were wilting one by one. I carefully took off a couple of still healthy leaves and suspended them over a jar of water, placing them in the corner of a windowsill. […]