Jammy News – David Session 3 – 13th October

We started the session with each child cutting out concertina figures and then naming and decorating each figure (their friends) to be used later in prayer time.

We came together for news and spent some time looking at what makes a good friend; the qualities that we look for and how we express our friendship to each other ie by giving presents. We explored God’s symbols of friendship with us, like the Cross and the rainbow.

Then we did our 3rd session on David, which continued from David’s fame at the defeat of Goliath and how he became a national hero, with King Saul becoming extremely jealous of him but still welcomed him into the palace, to live alongside his family. The story is interwoven with many complications as David becomes best friends with Saul’s son Jonathan, he also married Saul’s daughter.

Jonathan and David pledge a strong enduring friendship to each other, Jonathan giving David his own armour as a present.

King Saul is determined to kill David, even though David has done nothing wrong and Jonathan, against his father’s wishes, protects and helps his friend.

Also David’s wife (Michal) helps him escape out of the window to avoid Saul’s men.

We left the story with David and Jonathan saying emotional goodbyes to each other (they didn’t know it but they would never meet again), then David needing to hide from Saul in the hills around Jerusalem.

We thought about how God was keeping David safe and gave him people (wife and a friend) to help him.

We asked God to keep us safe and, just like David, to have friends to be there for us and help us, when we need them.

We prayed for our friends that we named in the concertina figures, thanking God for them and asking God’s blessing upon them. We prayed too, that we would be good friends to them.

We played a game in teams with garden darts, rather than use real arrows, as Jonathan did in the story!

We then made friendship bracelets out of ribbon or wool, to give away to our friends.


Chris, Joyce & Linda