Wroxham Opening Service

Worshipping something doesn’t always mean singing loudly in a church building.

Most of us worship things all the time. We prioritise our time and energies in support of something that has our attention. God is jealous for our hearts because He knows that worshipping Him is what we were created to do and the only thing that will ultimately fulfill us.

He wants us to love Him and worship Him because we want to, giving our time and energy to Him because we love Him. We know we’re not perfect, that’s obvious if you’ve met us, but we want God to be first in our lives.


This means doing everything we can to put Him first, resulting in our conversation and acts showing everyone who really is the focus of our worship.

Our Sunday morning worship should wet our appetites for more of God and lead us to worship Him in all that we do.

Our Sunday services normally take place at 11.00 a.m. in our new church building at 114 Norwich Road, Wroxham.


Our Sunday Kids Club (JAM) meets in the St. Mary's Church Hall on alternate Sundays (except in the school holidays) and usually runs from 10.30am-12.15pm. Please contact us for details of which weeks we are meeting.