Jam session   31/10/21

We looked at the Story of Samuel starting with his Mum Hannah. Hannah was childless and prayed for a baby, promising that, if God gave her a child, she would give the child back to God.

God heard her prayers and she gave birth to Samuel. As soon as he was old enough, she took him to the tabernacle to be looked after by the priest Eli, there he stayed and learned how to serve God.

In the tabernacle a flame was kept alight on the altar to remind the Israelites of Gods presence with them. We lit a candle to remind us that God is with us too.

One night as he lay sleeping in the house of God, he heard a voice call his name; he thought it was Eli and went to him. Eli sent him back to bed, saying “It’s not me calling you, go back to sleep.”  This happened 3 times, on the third time Eli stopped Samuel wondering if it was God who was calling Samuel and he told him to stay where he was next time and answer saying “Speak Lord your servant is listening”.

God did indeed speak to Samuel and he became someone who gave messages to the people from God. They trusted him and the Bible says that God was with Samuel always.

We sang a song and then watched a video.

We played a game of Who’s voice is calling? The children and leaders took it in turns to be blindfolded and guess each others voices, calling “Samuel, Samuel,” in the most unusual voices we could do.

It turned out to be pretty difficult to guess correctly, but we had a lot of fun trying!

We watched another short video of the story, and thought about how God might speak to us today.

Then we talked about where we felt closest to God

We talked about finding a quiet space to just be with God.

We heard Psalm 46 v 10 be still and know that I am God, then listened to a song from Scripture Lullabies called ”Be still.”

We prayed with Love Hearts sweets, firstly for anyone we were concerned about and then prayed for ourselves, thanking God that he knows us, cares for us and is with us always.

Snack time was a veggie hot dog – the obscure link being it symbolised Samuel in bed!!

We made an LED Tealight decoration to take home to remind us of the session and the fact that God is always with us.

If you want to know more about the story of Samuel, you will find it in the Old Testament – the book of Samuel