Everyone is welcome to join us - church is not an exclusive club!

Christian Faith is about living as best we can for God, living as Jesus taught us too. Sometimes we do this better than at other times! Christians believe that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, the times we don’t do well, get it wrong, sin, fail (or whatever word you want here!) we are forgiven. His death on the cross dealt with all our failures and so we can look forward to receiving God’s promise of eternal life.

Some of the decision making within the church is made at “church meetings”, and only church members are allowed to vote at these. If you would like to know more about church membership please speak to the minister or one of the church Elders.

You may hear reference to church membership/church members: these are people who have publicly stated their wish to follow Jesus and to support the work of His kingdom within our fellowship.

We believe that God does not call us to have this faith alone, but to have it in company with others. So it is that Christians come together and become the church. As part of the church they help each other in their faith and life. Day to day living is important to God as is our eternal destiny, so Christians help each other with the ‘ordinary’ things of life as well as the ‘spiritual’ things of life. Christians can expect both to help others and be helped by others: a mutual support.

When you have a group of Christians worshipping, growing, developing their faith and life together – being a church – then so much can be achieved for God in the area the church is found in as well as in the wider world.

If you are a regular worshipper at the church and are not already a Full Member, you should consider becoming one! Why not speak to the Minister or one of the Elders about it?

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